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You want a cost effective Management System that provides benefits across the organization, that encourages everyone to use it in a way that ingrains it in the company culture, resulting in staff working more efficiently, effectively and safely.

Your organisations objectives are unique to it's operation, but many want the same outcomes, a few being:

  • Consistency in operation
  • Increased attention to detail
  • Significant reductions in injuries
  • Reduced environmental waste generation / chemical emissions,
  • Improved customer satisfaction.

Regardless of the internal or external standard based on, we can assist your organisation develop, review or maintain the management system to current certification requirements in a cost effective manner, providing a platform for continual improvement.

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What can we help you with?

Gap Analysis Internal Audits Certification Support
Management Reviews Full System Maintenance
A Gap Analysis compares actual with desired performance, providing an objective way to confirm what you already suspected, through to unearthing issues that you were completely unaware of.

It provides direction to implement:
  • Change
  • Process amendment
  • Efficiency improvements
It requires a review of the management system's objectives and demonstrates a proactive approach is taken to ensure compliance not just to a certification, but any legislation that applies to the business..

Alternatively, your business may not be certified, but uses the Gap Analysis process to analyse business processes to internal goals in relation to any aspect of the businesses operation.

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You audit financial records so why not the management system.

In process inspections are performed throughout a production run to ensure the product made meets specification, so why wouldn't you assess the management system the same way.

Apart from ensuring compliance, other benefits identified are how:
  • Risks are managed
  • Resources are maximized to enhance business performance
  • Innovations could be realised
  • Established objectives are met.
This is an important aspect of your management system.

Do you have staff with expertise in internal auditing?

Are they far enough removed so as to be impartial?

Have internal audits performed by staff provided the right information?

Please contact us to see how Spectral can take your audit programme to the next level, providing audits that add value to the processes performed, ensure risks are effectively managed and alignment with current objectives verified.
Need to get your business Certified and not sure whether to or not.

The best thing is to look at it this way.

You finished high school, and underwent further education to get that point of difference and stand out from the rest

Certification proves to your customers how serious the company is about best practice being part of daily work practices, reducing risk.

It can also help sustain growth, opening up market opportunities previously not accessible.
With the management system compiled and ready to be audited for compliance, the certification body will do this in two stages:

Stage 1 identifies the required processes and controls developed are in place, identifying any deficiencies.

Stage 2 assesses the controls developed effectively control the management system.

We can help guide you through the certification process, then continue our association either by assisting in any way from an Internal Audit to a Full System Maintenance Programme.

Your Management System set Objectives to achieve.

You want to know the companies overall performance and how the management system
  • Achieved Set Objectives
  • Reflects current company philosophies
  • Satisfies company and certification requirements.
Ensuring the provisions of the management system and its effectiveness is regularly reviewed is achieved by the compilation of a Management Review Document covering aspects such as:
  • Previous management meetings & outstanding actions
  • Internal and External Audit Findings
  • Customer Complaints and Satisfaction Surveys
  • Product, process and system non-conformances
  • Objective and KPI Reviews
  • Training
  • Identification of need to improve/update controls, processes
  • Appropriateness of infrastructure and resources
  • Changes to regulations or legislation
  • Policy Reviews
  • Risk Management Functions
The work is done and the system is certified.

Time to celebrate the success of gaining certification, put your feet up and relax for a while.

Each certification is awarded for a 3-year period, during which time the expectation is for the system implemented to be maintained and improved.

The reality gaining certification was just the first milestone of many yet to be reached, as the path of continuous improvement has just started.

Our System Maintenance package combines all of the ways that we can help you in one in one simple package.

You will have one consultant become an integral part of your team, assisting you with the maintenance of every aspect of your management system, which includes acting as the company contact with the certifying body, arranging, attending and leading the team through each external audit performed.

Please contact us to discuss how we can provide cost effective, professional and reliable consultancy support, that assists with the maintenance of the management system implemented.
With over 30 years experience in Quality Systems, we know all aspects of systems management. 
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